Saturday, October 24, 2020

APO Driver [2.8.2]

Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64
Runtime: Visual C++ & .NET Runtime and Framework (Desktop & UWP Platform)

  • Realtek HD Audio Codec Driver Patcher (A1) by Pihto(DDL & DTSi Unlock)
  • Dolby Digital and DTS Interactive Encode on SPDIF/HDMI endpoint
  • FX Configurator included
  • Can be work with the following sound enhancers:


Installation Instructions:

  1. Install Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes 2005-2017 ( For Windows 10, install .Net and Visual C++ Appx ( +
  2. Install APO Driver, select the driver that described on Audio Enhancers page (APO Driver Component).
      • Do not choose the multiple child components if the parent component declare [Choose Only One]. For example, 
        • Dolby DAX API Service [Choose Only One] (Parent Component)
          • Dolby DAX API Service (child component)
          • Dolby DAX API Service 3.20403.436.0 (child component)
        • Choose Dolby DAX API Service or Dolby DAX API Service 3.20403.436.0. Do not choose both.
      • If message "Service 'UWP PRC Service' failed to start' show up during install, unselect "UWP Services" under "Sound Blaster Connect")
      • If you don't want Nahimic 3, please unselect Nahimic driver installation in order to avoid NahimicService.exe modifying Stream FX and Mode FX registry key.
    1. Open FX Configurator from start menu, select the endpoint you wanted. 
    2. Use "Backup" button under "Endpoint Registry" section.  Follow the audio enhancer installation instruction. 
    3. Use "Product Config Tool"  button under "Tool" section. Select one of the products from drop down list, click "Apply Product Settings to Selected Endpoints".

    Customize multiple audio effects with FX Configurator
    Installation with Virtual Audio Cable

    Uninstallation Instructions:
    1. Use "Restore" button under "Endpoint Registry" section for the endpoint(s) that you had use Product Config Tool.
    2. Close any sound enhancers process
    3. Uninstall APO Driver

    Uninstall the older version before install newer version!

    Sound Enhancers (Check the app update if component(s) had been updated)

    Visual C++ Runtime Appx Repack

    .NET Runtime and Framework Appx Repack

    VisualCppRedist AIO


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