[20/10/2018] APO Driver

Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64
Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes 2005-2017
C++ Runtime v11.0-v14.0 framework package for Desktop Bridge [For Windows 10 only]

  • Dolby Digital Live (5.1 Surround) and DTS Interactive (5.1 Surround) unlock on Realtek Digital Output [Realtek HD Audio Codec Driver Patcher (A1) by Pihto]
  • FX Configurator included
  • Can be work with the following sound enhancers:


Installation Instructions:

  1. Install Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes 2005-2017 (VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64_12.zip). For Windows 10, install .Net and Visual C++ Appx ( dotNetAppx_x86_x64_v1.zip + VisualCppAppx_x86_x64_v1.zip)
  2. Install APO Driver, select the driver that described on Audio Enhancers page (APO Driver Component).
      • Do not choose the multiple child components if the parent component declare [Choose Only One]. For example, 
        • Dolby DAX API Service [Choose Only One] (Parent Component)
          • Dolby DAX API Service (child component)
          • Dolby DAX API Service 2.20201.252.0 (child component)
        • Choose Dolby DAX API Service or Dolby DAX API Service 2.20201.252.0. Do not choose both.
      • If message "Service 'UWP PRC Service' failed to start' show up during install, unselect "UWP Services" under "Sound Blaster Connect")
      • If you don't want Nahimic 3, please unselect Nahimic driver installation in order to avoid NahimicService.exe modifying Stream FX and Mode FX registry key.
    1. Open FX Configurator from start menu, select the endpoint you wanted. 
    2. Backup endpoint registry first. Follow the audio enhancer installation instruction. 
    3. Click "Product Config Tool". Select product from drop down list, click "Apply Product Settings to Selected Endpoints".

    Customize multiple audio effects with FX Configurator
    Installation with Virtual Audio Cable

    Uninstallation Instructions:
    1. Restore endpoint registry on FX Configurator
    2. Close any sound enhancers process
    3. Uninstall APO Driver

    Uninstall the older version before install newer version!

    Setup Version 2.2.6 [MediaFire]

    Sound Enhancers

    Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes 2005-2017

    For Windows 10,

    C++ Runtime v11.0-v14.0 framework package for Desktop Bridge


    Microsoft.NET.Native.Runtime + Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework + Microsoft.VCLibs

    APO Driver 2.2.6
    - Add DTS Audio Processing UWP app support
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to 3.20201.257.0 which support Win10 RS5

    APO Driver 2.2.5
    - Update UWPPRCService to
    - Update FX Configurator to

    FX Configurator
    - Add reg and regedit options

    APO Driver 2.2.4
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to 3.20201.256.0

    APO Driver 2.2.3
    - Fix DTS Audio Desktop App Win7+ and  Win8.1+ Product Config
    - Add support for both DTS Custom Desktop and UWP apps
    - Add support for both DTS Sound Desktop and UWP apps
    - Update FX Configurator to
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service 3.xxxxx.yyy.z requirement (At least Win10 RS3)

    FX Configurator
    - Adjust SetACL commands to take ownership of registry keys

    APO Driver 2.2.2
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to 3.20201.252.0
    - Update Nahimic Service Component to

    APO Driver 2.2.1
    - Update MBAPO232.dll and MBAPO264.dll to for Creative Generic 
    - Add support for Dolby Atmos Speaker System for Gaming
    - Update DTS UWP Driver to

    APO Driver 2.2.0
    - Update MBAPO232.dll and MBAPO264.dll to for Creative Generic Driver 
    - Add support for DTS Studio Sound UWP app

    APO Driver 2.1.9
    - Remove Dolby DAX API Service 2.1003.255.0
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service 3.20201.249.0
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service
    - Add support for Dolby Audio Speaker System 3.xxxxx.yyy.z
    - Add support for Dolby Atmos Sound System 3.xxxxx.yyy.z
    - Update Nahmic UWP driver requirement (at least Win10 RS4 x64)

    APO Driver 2.1.8
    - Update NahimicService to
    - Update FX Configurator
    - Update all Dolby UWP Product Config
    - DTS preset file fow UWP app relocated at C:\Windows\system32\DTS\PC\Apo3x\dtsapo3oemconfig.xml

    FX Configurator
    - Fix showing wrong device state
    - Fix disable all enhancements option
    Fix LFX and GFX Processing Modes Registry Key Reading Problem

    APO Driver 2.1.7
    - Fix Dolby UWP Products (v3) (Win10+) Product Config
    - Fix Dolby Atmos for Gaming (v3) (Win10+) Product Config

    APO Driver 2.1.6
    - Add Dolby DAX API Service 3.20200.247.0
    - Update FX Configurator to
    - Update Creative.UWPRPCService.exe to
    Update NahimicService to
    - Add QSound support
    - Add VIA System Effect Config hardware specified support
    - Add Dolby Atmos/Atmos Sound System Config hardware specified support
    - Update all dll files with newer file signature

    FX Configurator
    - New GUI Design
    - Add Product Config Tool
    - Remake all ini configs

    APO Driver 2.1.3
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to 2.1003.255.0

    APO Driver 2.1.2
    Update NahimicService to

    APO Driver 2.1.1
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to
    Update NahimicService to

    APO Driver 2.1.0
    - Fix DTS Headphone:X v1 UWP app detection problem

    APO Driver 2.0.9
    - Remove multiple effect configs
    - Update Creative.UWPRPCService.exe to

    APO Driver 2.0.8
    Update Dolby DAX API Service to 2.1003.251.0
    - Add Dolby UWP apps + Viper4Windows config
    - Add Sound Blaster Connect Desktop config

    APO Driver 2.0.6
    - Add support for Sound Blaster Cinema
    Add support for Sound Blaster Cinema 2
    Add support for Sound Blaster X-Fi MB2
    Add support for Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3
    Add support for THX TruStudio Pro
    - Return Creative Sound Blaster Connect UWP driver to
    - Remove kga file installation feature

    APO Driver 2.0.1
    - Update Dolby DAX API services 2.1003.250.0

    APO Driver 2.0.0
    - Add support for Sound Blaster Cinema 3
    - Add support for Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5
    - Add support for DTS Audio - DTS HeadphoneX v1 UWP app
    - Remaster config file and registry
    - Add two version of Dolby DAX API services
    - Add kga files for unlock Creative products
    - Update Sound Blaster Connect UWP app driver to
    - New installer UI
    - Realtek audio driver not longer necessary
    - Add a support list table on the post

    APO Driver 1.0.9
    Update Dolby DAX API Service to 2.1002.248.0
    - Add support for Dolby Audio Premium, Dolby Atmos Speaker System and Dolby Atmos for Gaming
    - Fix Dolby UWP App equalizer no effects

    APO Driver 1.0.8
    - Update NahimicService to
    - Update Waves Audio Services
    - Update FX Configurator to
    - Add support for Sonic Studio 3 and Alienware Sound Center UWP App
    - Add Sound Blaster Connect UWPService install option

    FX Configurator
    - Add disable all enhancements control
    - Add sound control panel button

    APO Driver 1.0.7
    - Add backup and restore endpoint registry key function (FX Configurator
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to
    - Fix UWPService not remove after uninstalled
    - Fix all multiple config that include Viper4Windows not working problem

    Add Sound Blaster Connect UWP App Support APO Driver 1.0.6

    Add MaxxAudioPro APO Driver 1.0.5

    Add Nahimic 3 - APO Driver 1.0.4

    Add DTS Digital Entertainment UI - APO Driver 1.0.3

    Fix SetACL 32bit problem

    Fix APO Driver x86 installation location problem

    APO Driver 1.0.0 x64 x86 release

    Update FX Configurator to

    Fix Harman & Dolby UWP dll file missing & not register - APO Driver Revision
    Update FX Configurator to

    Add ASUS Sonic Focus/SonicMaster Config, Driver, Software
    Add Windows 7/8 Multiple Sound Effects Config
    Update APO Driver to 8419


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    39 則留言:

    1. APO Driver 1.0.0 x86 release on baytrail tablet.
      "Could not access network location \APO driver."

    2. After trying to apply any settings on 32 bit baytrail tablet:
      Error: Failed attempt to launch program or document:
      Params: <-on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MMDevices\Audio\Render\{7781b85e-e69f-4421-8910-16a51c9bbe32}" -ot reg -actn setowner -ownr "n:Users">

      Specifically: This version of %1 is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer...

      ---> 682: Run,%a_temp%\SetACL%ACLBit%.exe -on "%LoadPath%\%SelectedGUID%" -ot reg -actn setowner -ownr "n:Users",,Hide

      The current thread will exit.

    3. Fixed SetACL 32Bit problem - Version 1.0.2


    4. APO Driver 1.0.2 x86 release on baytrail tablet.
      "Could not access network location \APO driver."
      Note: Is it possible to chain SRS premium sound then Dolby Atmos on same endpoint?
      Currently using fxsound enhancer that has SRS APO applied and High Definition Audio that has Dolby applied.

    5. Redownload and reinstall APO driver 1.0.2
      Save the following file (pastebin link) into SRS_Dolby_UWP.ini on C:\Program Files\APO Driver\Config folder
      Load the config using FX Configurator

    6. 1.0.2 successfully installed on 32bit tablet.
      SRS_Dolby_UWP.ini tested, do not work (SRS premium sound does not load; checked whether it was used on any other endpoint, no conflicts.)
      Don't bother correcting it; I can manage without it.
      Note to other readers: SRS premium sound operates as a 32bit float audio processing. Thus it can go over the 0db audio limit peak. Using either Virtual audio cable or Fxsound enhancer driver requires you to lower down the individual app volume in the volume mixer to prevent audio clipping.

    7. Previously described (SRS_Dolby_UWP.ini usage) was on 64bit Teclast(台电) tablet。
      On 32 bit baytrail tablet, version 1.0.2, SetACL problem still there; nothing can be applied.

    8. Make sure FXConfigurator32.exe version is
      If the SetACL problem still exist, download setacl 32 bit
      rename SetACL.exe 32bit version to SetACL32.exe
      Turn off your antivirus and/or windows defender,
      Open FXConfigurator32.exe, copy SetACL32.exe to C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp
      Select the endpoint you wanted.
      Load config SRS Premium Sound.ini and apply
      Since I cannot found 32 bit Dolby UWP API, only Dolby UWP App x64 work (x32 bit UWP App don't work)

    9. Successfully loaded SRS premium sound on 32bit tablet.
      Installer seems to have the wrong setacl32.exe; the temp folder had the setacl32.exe file, but was the 64bit version. Corrected it from the given link, and FXconfigurator32 worked.

    10. On 64bit device.

      The module "C:\Windows\System32\DTSAPOUI64.dll" failed to load.

      Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files.

      The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.


      This was done:
      Delete ‪C:\Windows\System32\DTSAPOUI64.dll, install again
      If error still popup, just click ignore and run cmd as admin -> type regsvr32 DTSAPOUI64.dll

    11. ---------------------------

      This was done:
      Delete ‪C:\Windows\System32\DTSAPOUI64.dll, install again
      If error still popup, just click ignore and run cmd as admin -> type regsvr32 DTSAPOUI64.dll

      ERROR Not fix

      The module "C:\Windows\System32\DTSAPOUI64.dll" failed to load.

      Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files.

      The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.

    12. Disable driver for dts digital entertainment during install APO driver 1.0.5

    13. Proper solution for DTSAPOUI64.dll: Install Visual C++ 2008 x64.

    14. As reported previously:
      Copy pasting KGA files generated on your PC (which is now available for download on your site) over to %ProgramData%\Creative\SoftwareLock will only work on the PC the KGA file was originally generated on, and will not work on others. I'm afraid KGAGen is the only solution for the time being. You could create additional commands to delete unnecessary KGA files to determine whether you want 360 or 720.
      Sir, your kga files will not work elsewhere, except on your own pc.

    15. Hi Alan!

      Could you send me a inf driver which contains creative 720 with Dolby Atoms gaming?

      My email address is koubaisya@yahoo.com.hk


    16. It use to work for me, in the first week of june, but not anymore even in the DAX folder, i don't have RADARHOST Folder when i try to install it like i did before.. Every single time when i ever i try to install your apo driver with dolby atmos for gaming. I always get the error message"There is a problem accessing the dolby atmos for gaming driver.Please restart the computer or reinstall the driver if the problem persist". I install everything correctly, even the right run times and frameworks. I even reformatted my pc several times and use the audio cleaner tools. Please help me out if you can.

    17. hi. please help me install nahimic 3. I did everything according to the instructions, the application worked, but the sound remained the same.

      1. Nahimic 3 UWP app does not work on all hardware anymore as it only works on specific hardware similar to Waves Maxxaudio UWP app. need certain MSI brand motherboard or laptop to use Nahimic 3 as noted on these pages:
        Also Nahimic 3 may also work on certain new Dell Alienware laptops and maybe some new Gigabyte & ASUS boards/laptops. anything else beside these, the Nahimic 3 is not guaranteed to work.

        also the SFX MFX EFX entries in Realtek Audio Effects render INI file in APO driver applies to Realtek HDA (non-UAD) driver only; Realtek UAD drivers use "composite" and "offload" SFX MFX EFX entries as I checked its generic extension INF file. so APO driver can be improved for next version. perhaps include new Creative component version in APO driver for Creative SB Connect UWP app.

      2. a follow up: use latest Win10 version - build 17133 or 17134 (RS4/1803). Nahimic 3 from APO driver works best or runs correctly when running Win10 v1803 and not the v1709 or older versions of Win10.

      3. The kga file don't work on new Creative component. MaxxAudio file has encryption, and maxxaudio is bad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kZIn-uaoTM.
        Nahimic 3 should work on the lastest stable version of winodws 10 x64, no matter what your CPU or motherboard is.

      4. Maxxaudio always enforced hardware restrictions and only worked with few audio chipsets on certain brand PCs. I also noticed the maxxaudio integration files were removed in APO driver v2.1.6 and higher.

        perhaps maxxaudio was bad on certain Dell Latitude/Precision/Inspiron/XPS laptops as you pointed out in the youtube link. it may be a little different when maxxaudio was used on recent Dell Optiplex all-in-one desktop PCs

    18. 請問一下電腦都說這有病毒怎麼辦????

      1. 電腦都說是特洛伊木馬

      2. 關掉防毒不就行

    19. I have a lenovo ideapad y700 and after installing the driver for dolby atmos the internal subwoofer stopped working... What can I do?

      1. Have you try use v2 api and v2 preset? If you still got any problem, replay to this thread https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/making-audio-enhancers-work-on-windows.244309/.

    20. 此留言已被作者移除。

    21. instructions not clear, penis stuck in headphone port :'(

    22. well, i have a issue , i only enable one uwp only, ex: i use Dolby Atmos Speaker then DTS audio will be disable , same for enable dts , dolby will disable. how i can fix it ??? Thanks you

      1. Multiple audio enhancer will cause audio distortion and delay. Only one audio enhancer enough.

    23. Can you update it to support the internal subwoofer of lenovo Y700 with the dolby atmos for gaming? Tried everything but it still doesn't work... :/

    24. Alan
      what driver of Realtek I must use the official or some mod, that is the subject that does not explain what driver I should install

      1. You don't need mod Realtek driver, APO driver make your PC use thirty party audio enhancers. It doesn't matter what kind of audio driver you have installed, APO driver should work with all audio driver.

      2. 此留言已被作者移除。

      3. The currently installed drivers are realtek universal audio driver

      4. Alan
        I have finished the installation step by step and I have even restarted my PC and there is no way for viper4windows or dolby atmos UWP to process the audio, that is, there is no change in the sound when moving the respective configuration of each tool

      5. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/making-audio-enhancers-work-on-windows.244309/post-3906909

    25. If you have any issues, you can replay to this post.