APO Driver (2019-01-21)

Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 x86/x64
Desktop Platform: Visual C++ 2005-2017
UWP Platform: Visual C++ 2005-2017 (For Windows 10)
UWP Platform: .NET Runtime and Framework (For Windows 10)

  • Realtek HD Audio Codec Driver Patcher (A1) by Pihto(DDL & DTSi Unlock)
  • Dolby Digital and DTS Interactive Encode on SPDIF/HDMI endpoint
  • FX Configurator included
  • Can be work with the following sound enhancers:


Installation Instructions:

  1. Install Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes 2005-2017 (VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64_13.zip). For Windows 10, install .Net and Visual C++ Appx ( dotNetAppx_x86_x64_v1.zip + VisualCppAppx_x86_x64_v2.zip)
  2. Install APO Driver, select the driver that described on Audio Enhancers page (APO Driver Component).
      • Do not choose the multiple child components if the parent component declare [Choose Only One]. For example, 
        • Dolby DAX API Service [Choose Only One] (Parent Component)
          • Dolby DAX API Service (child component)
          • Dolby DAX API Service 2.20201.252.0 (child component)
        • Choose Dolby DAX API Service or Dolby DAX API Service 2.20201.252.0. Do not choose both.
      • If message "Service 'UWP PRC Service' failed to start' show up during install, unselect "UWP Services" under "Sound Blaster Connect")
      • If you don't want Nahimic 3, please unselect Nahimic driver installation in order to avoid NahimicService.exe modifying Stream FX and Mode FX registry key.
    1. Open FX Configurator from start menu, select the endpoint you wanted. 
    2. Use "Backup" button under "Endpoint Registry" section.  Follow the audio enhancer installation instruction. 
    3. Use "Product Config Tool"  button under "Tool" section. Select one of the products from drop down list, click "Apply Product Settings to Selected Endpoints".

    Customize multiple audio effects with FX Configurator
    Installation with Virtual Audio Cable

    Uninstallation Instructions:
    1. Use "Restore" button under "Endpoint Registry" section for the endpoint(s) that you had use Product Config Tool.
    2. Close any sound enhancers process
    3. Uninstall APO Driver

    Uninstall the older version before install newer version!


    Sound Enhancers

    C++, .NET Repack

    APO Driver 2.3.9
    Update Dolby DAX API Service to 3.20201.269.0

    APO Driver 2.3.8
    - Update Nahimic Service Component to

    APO Driver 2.3.7
    Update Dolby DAX API Service to 3.20201.265.0

    APO Driver 2.3.6
    - All APO DLL files were digitally signed
    - Add missing 32-bit DTSAPOUI.dll for DTS Digital Entertainment
    - Update FX Configurator to

    FX Configurator
    - Fix Offload Mode FX APO Processing Modes reading
    - Hide not present endpoint(s)

    APO Driver 2.3.5
    - Update Nahimic Service Component to

    APO Driver 2.3.4
    - Update Nahimic Service Component to
    - Add Nahimic UWP Generic preset
    - Add DTS Win7/8 and 8.1 presets
    - Update FX Configurator to

    FX Configurator

    - Fix registry premission problem when restore endpoint registry

    APO Driver 2.3.3
    - Support DTS Connect (DTS NEO:PC + DTS Interactive)

    APO Driver 2.3.2
    - Support Dolby Digital Format on HDMI and S/PDIF connections (PCEE4/PCEE3/DS1)
    - Update FX Configurator to

    FX Configurator
    - Fix GFX APO control

    APO Driver 2.3.1
    Update Dolby DAX API Service to 3.20201.262.0 (For Win 10 RS4 RS5)
    Update DtsApo4Service.exe

    APO Driver 2.3.0
    Update Nahimic Service Component to

    APO Driver 2.2.9
    Update UWPPRCService to
    - Update DTS Universal APO to

    APO Driver 2.2.8
    Update UWPPRCService to

    APO Driver 2.2.7
    - Update DTS Universal APO to
    Add SRS Premium Sound property which will show if RtPgEx64.dll or RtkPgExt.dll is found on C:\Windows\System32 (Realtek HDA installation required)
    - Update FX Configurator to

    FX Configurator
    - Fix high DPI scaling

    APO Driver 2.2.6
    - Add DTS Audio Processing UWP app support
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to 3.20201.257.0 which support Win10 RS5

    APO Driver 2.2.5
    - Update UWPPRCService to
    - Update FX Configurator to

    FX Configurator
    - Add reg and regedit options

    APO Driver 2.2.4
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to 3.20201.256.0

    APO Driver 2.2.3
    - Fix DTS Audio Desktop App Win7+ and  Win8.1+ Product Config
    - Add support for both DTS Custom Desktop and UWP apps
    - Add support for both DTS Sound Desktop and UWP apps
    - Update FX Configurator to
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service 3.xxxxx.yyy.z requirement (At least Win10 RS3)

    FX Configurator
    - Adjust SetACL commands to take ownership of registry keys

    APO Driver 2.2.2
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to 3.20201.252.0
    - Update Nahimic Service Component to

    APO Driver 2.2.1
    - Update MBAPO232.dll and MBAPO264.dll to for Creative Generic 
    - Add support for Dolby Atmos Speaker System for Gaming
    - Update DTS UWP Driver to

    APO Driver 2.2.0
    - Update MBAPO232.dll and MBAPO264.dll to for Creative Generic Driver 
    - Add support for DTS Studio Sound UWP app

    APO Driver 2.1.9
    - Remove Dolby DAX API Service 2.1003.255.0
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service 3.20201.249.0
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service
    - Add support for Dolby Audio Speaker System 3.xxxxx.yyy.z
    - Add support for Dolby Atmos Sound System 3.xxxxx.yyy.z
    - Update Nahmic UWP driver requirement (at least Win10 RS4 x64)

    APO Driver 2.1.8
    - Update NahimicService to
    - Update FX Configurator
    - Update all Dolby UWP Product Config
    - DTS preset file fow UWP app relocated at C:\Windows\system32\DTS\PC\Apo3x\dtsapo3oemconfig.xml

    FX Configurator
    - Fix showing wrong device state
    - Fix disable all enhancements option
    Fix LFX and GFX Processing Modes Registry Key Reading Problem

    APO Driver 2.1.7
    - Fix Dolby UWP Products (v3) (Win10+) Product Config
    - Fix Dolby Atmos for Gaming (v3) (Win10+) Product Config

    APO Driver 2.1.6
    - Add Dolby DAX API Service 3.20200.247.0
    - Update FX Configurator to
    - Update Creative.UWPRPCService.exe to
    Update NahimicService to
    - Add QSound support
    - Add VIA System Effect Config hardware specified support
    - Add Dolby Atmos/Atmos Sound System Config hardware specified support
    - Update all dll files with newer file signature

    FX Configurator
    - New GUI Design
    - Add Product Config Tool
    - Remake all ini configs

    APO Driver 2.1.3
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to 2.1003.255.0

    APO Driver 2.1.2
    Update NahimicService to

    APO Driver 2.1.1
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to
    Update NahimicService to

    APO Driver 2.1.0
    - Fix DTS Headphone:X v1 UWP app detection problem

    APO Driver 2.0.9
    - Remove multiple effect configs
    - Update Creative.UWPRPCService.exe to

    APO Driver 2.0.8
    Update Dolby DAX API Service to 2.1003.251.0
    - Add Dolby UWP apps + Viper4Windows config
    - Add Sound Blaster Connect Desktop config

    APO Driver 2.0.6
    - Add support for Sound Blaster Cinema
    Add support for Sound Blaster Cinema 2
    Add support for Sound Blaster X-Fi MB2
    Add support for Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3
    Add support for THX TruStudio Pro
    - Return Creative Sound Blaster Connect UWP driver to
    - Remove kga file installation feature

    APO Driver 2.0.1
    - Update Dolby DAX API services 2.1003.250.0

    APO Driver 2.0.0
    - Add support for Sound Blaster Cinema 3
    - Add support for Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5
    - Add support for DTS Audio - DTS HeadphoneX v1 UWP app
    - Remaster config file and registry
    - Add two version of Dolby DAX API services
    - Add kga files for unlock Creative products
    - Update Sound Blaster Connect UWP app driver to
    - New installer UI
    - Realtek audio driver not longer necessary
    - Add a support list table on the post

    APO Driver 1.0.9
    Update Dolby DAX API Service to 2.1002.248.0
    - Add support for Dolby Audio Premium, Dolby Atmos Speaker System and Dolby Atmos for Gaming
    - Fix Dolby UWP App equalizer no effects

    APO Driver 1.0.8
    - Update NahimicService to
    - Update Waves Audio Services
    - Update FX Configurator to
    - Add support for Sonic Studio 3 and Alienware Sound Center UWP App
    - Add Sound Blaster Connect UWPService install option

    FX Configurator
    - Add disable all enhancements control
    - Add sound control panel button

    APO Driver 1.0.7
    - Add backup and restore endpoint registry key function (FX Configurator
    - Update Dolby DAX API Service to
    - Fix UWPService not remove after uninstalled
    - Fix all multiple config that include Viper4Windows not working problem

    Add Sound Blaster Connect UWP App Support APO Driver 1.0.6

    Add MaxxAudioPro APO Driver 1.0.5

    Add Nahimic 3 - APO Driver 1.0.4

    Add DTS Digital Entertainment UI - APO Driver 1.0.3

    Fix SetACL 32bit problem

    Fix APO Driver x86 installation location problem

    APO Driver 1.0.0 x64 x86 release

    Update FX Configurator to

    Fix Harman & Dolby UWP dll file missing & not register - APO Driver Revision
    Update FX Configurator to

    Add ASUS Sonic Focus/SonicMaster Config, Driver, Software
    Add Windows 7/8 Multiple Sound Effects Config
    Update APO Driver to 8419


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